Echo Guided Life Support

Step by step ultrasound for resuscitation

Wondering what to do when a patient is trying to die on your watch?
A structured approach can definitely make the difference...and that’s what EGLS is all about

The book

All you need to know about EGLS (Echo-Guided Life Support), but on paper. Our book covers both step-by-step image acquisition and interpretation and features anatomical illustrations, descriptions, as well as useful tips and pitfalls.

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Attend a workshop

Given in many locations worldwide, our workshops are the first step towards mastery. Participants enjoy lots of hands-on practice thanks to a machine/participant ratio of 1 : 2.

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Meet our dedicated teachers

The EGLS Course is the initiative of long-time colleagues Jean-Francois Lanctôt and Maxime Valois. Their passion and core motivation is to provide their fellow practitioners with a structured approach to shock and peri-arrest patients, one that's efficient, standardized and, ultimately, that will help save lives. They have surrounded themselves with the best team of instructors to create the EGLS course. They now offer workshops worldwide that present one of the best instructor/participant ratio in the world.

  • Jean-François Lanctôt

    Jean-François Lanctôt, MD

    EGLS Founder

  • Maxime Valois

    Maxime Valois, MD

    EGLS Founder

Meet the team
  • Université de Montréal
  • McGill
  • Université de Sherbrooke
  • The University of Vermont
  • Université de Moncton
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Stellenbosh University
  • Ultrasound Leadership Academy
  • AMUQ
  • CAEP


1 - Introduction

All the boring stuff you really need to know. Only that. Kept simple.

  • 2 lectures
  • 2 quiz
  1. Part I : EGLS in a nutshell
  2. Quiz
  3. Part II – Artifacts
  4. Quiz

2 - Lung

Learn to use lung ultrasound in the context of resuscitation

  • 3 lectures
  • 3 quiz
  1. Pneumothorax
  2. Quiz
  3. Interstitial Syndrome
  4. Quiz
  5. Effusions and Pneumonias
  6. Quiz

3 - Focused Cardiac - Subcostal

You think you already know this ? Guess again !

  • 2 lectures
  • 2 quiz
  1. Subcostal
  2. Quiz
  3. IVC & Circulation
  4. Quiz

4 - Focused Cardiac - Parasternal & Apical

The right or the left ventricle ? That is the question.

  • 4 lectures
  • 4 quiz
  1. Long Axis
  2. Quiz
  3. Short Axis
  4. Quiz
  5. Apical
  6. Quiz
  7. Cardiac Wrap-up
  8. Quiz

5 - EGLS Algorithm

Putting it all together

  • 2 lectures
  • 2 quiz
  1. EGLS Algorithm - Part I
  2. Quiz
  3. EGLS Algorithm - Part II
  4. Quiz

6 - Perspectives and Final Quiz

  • 1 lectures
  • 1 quiz
  1. Perspectives
  2. Final Quiz

Shock Echo foamed

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All you need to know about point of care ultrasound in the context of shock/resuscitation.

  • EGLS algorithm
  • LV/RV size and function
  • Pericardium assessment
  • IVC assessment/fluid responsiveness
  • Lung ultrasound including pneumothorax, interstitial syndrome and pleural effusion


  • I can't access the eLearning ?

    1. Make sure the email isn't in your junk mail folder 2. Go to the login page and chose "I forgot my password". You will receive an email with a new password. 3. If you still can't access the eLearning after steps 1 and 2, write to : you will get an answer within 24 hours (It could be slightly longer outside North America, depending on your time zone)

  • Who can attend the EGLS course?

    Anyone likely to encounter critically ill patients (physicians, students, PAs, Nurses, paramedics, RTs…)

  • I did the eLearning and now I want to attend a workshop, what should I do ?

    Go to workshop page, or contact us if you would like workshop in your institution.

  • Can I get a group discount ?

    Yes you can ! Groups of 5 get 10% discount and group of 10 get 20% discount.

  • I bought the eLearning. How long do I have access to its awesomeness?

    You have 90 days to complete the eLearning.