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NEWS - EGLS: NOT just another Online Version!

EGLS was adapted to a virtual format that ALSO provides physicians with a real opportunity to enhance their manual ultrasound skills. Don't wait for this pandemic to end to get training: subscribe now! infos_egls@sonoscope.ca


There are 4 steps to our EGLS online program:


1. Preparation (6h)

Prior to the online group session, participants complete the pre-course material. They read the EGLS theory book (sent by mail) and complete the e-Learning.


2. Online interactive Group Session

Participants attend an online group course. Basic notions are reviewed and clinical cases are discussed as a group. 


3. Practical Session

Participants pick-up the probe in their own environment of practice and complete an EGLS porfolio of videos. They are asked to acquire 30 ultrasound images in total.


4. Personalized Coaching Session

Participants share their videos with an EGLS instructors to receive personalized and constructive feedback.


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