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Emergency Medicine Update

Stowe, Vermont

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This event will discuss a variety of timely, practical issues that are encountered in the emergency department on a daily basis. Lectures will be engaging, sometimes controversial, and present the audience with examples of both successes and failures in emergency medicine. Changes don’t always equal advances and advancement doesn’t always mean change. At the end of this program, participants should be able to distinguish between advancement and change in the emergency department in a relaxed, family-oriented environment where learning does equal fun!

This program has been designed to include all emergency medicine professionals including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, trauma nurses, residents, and emergency medicine technicians.


Upon completion of this program, attendees should be able to:

• Review the use of clinical ultrasound in managing the ED patient presenting with shock.

• Consider the use of dialysis in cases of poisoned patients.

• Assess the new directions in hypothermia resuscitation.

• Be more adept in ED diagnosis and stabilization of cardiac arrhythmias.

• Review diagnosis and management of pediatric abdominal emergencies in the ED.

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