Qu’est-ce qui se passe?

EuSEM 2014

28/9 - 1/10, Amsterdam



Like Amsterdam, we in emergency medicine must take an international view of our challenges. Emergency medicine is growing rapidly and undergoing major changes across Europe. We have become a key provider of medical treatment, going way beyond the early concepts of accident and urgent care at the evening or weekends when other care providers are absent. In some of the largest European countries, statistics show the number of patients in emergency departments each year reaches a quarter of the population. This huge number of patients demands high quality of treatment. Waiting times in emergency departments are a number one theme in the press and television in some countries. To cope with such challenges emergency medicine needs new ideas. Like the merchants from Amsterdam who made the city rich by reaching out to the world, we must also look beyond our own countries. We must be open to new ideas and seek new knowledge to find new answers

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