Qu’est-ce qui se passe?


Dublin, Juin 2016



SMACC is back and heading to Europe!

The Social Media and Critical Care Conference continues to evolve and grow and we think SMACC Dublin will be the best one yet.

SMACC has seen spectacular growth since its humble beginnings. The Conference has grown from an enthusiastic idea into a global leader amongst critical care events. Whilst SMACC is primarily a high quality, academic meeting, the real reason behind this growth is the enormous and inspiring energy of the critical care community itself. A community which crosses traditional hierarchies, professional barriers and international borders. This is a community dedicated to innovation, teaching and learning. A community that is based around the pursuit of excellence in patient care, and a passion for sharing this as widely as possible.

We are excited and exceedingly proud to bring SMACC to Europe for the first time. Prepare yourself for the biggest adventure yet: SMACC DUB!

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